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Innovation Lab

In the pursuit of new ideas, great products & solutions, we have come up with the concept of an Innovation Lab. DIICE being a Global Virtual Community Platform connects your lab with events that rightly match your investment goals.

Hackathons, Pitch Sessions, Investor Lounge, Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Mentor Meetups to name a few, our community of advisors, mentors and experts design everything for your Innovation R&D Labs. They facilitate growth and monitor the day to day operations based on metrics & KPIs formulated by both the parties. And we share the progress reports as well. 

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How about a timely upgrade! With the best practices, research, support and training, the Center of Excellence is focussed towards offering you expertise in the latest skills & market trends.

Keeping in mind the limited supply of skilled professionals, DIICE provides Capacity Building programmes on Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Nanotechnology, Deeptech & Growth Specialist to not only secure you with a chance to land up with a great  job, but also makes you the most sought after professional in the market. 

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